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EP Consultancy is a strategic, branding and communications firm based in Milan, specialized in the creation of value and unique experiences, founded by Elke Palmaers in 2008. 



EP Consultancy thrives itself into delivering outcome-focused solutions supporting businesses reach their goals with services that span creativity, engagement, individuality, and an excellent execution.

Our recent projects

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ELIE SAAB Maison Milan

ELIE SAAB Maison Milan Showroom Opening Global Press Release preparation, send out and coordination. September 2020

20202307_bugatti_audes2020_LOOK01_060 sr

Audes for Bugatti Collection

Bugatti Lifestyle collection lookbook and campagin photography production, creative direction and coordination.

July 2020

Francesca Cassani Fine Jewelry 2020 Collection

Francesca Cassani 2020 Collection

Francesca Cassani Fine Jewelry 2020 Collection Lookbook and ADV photography.

February 2020